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Resident Assistant Job Opening

Saving Grace Maternity Home is a residential home for young women ages 18-25, who are pregnant and/or parenting and homeless. 

We have 4 rooms set up for mom and baby. We are a faith-based home, where sharing the love of Christ is most important.
The Resident Assistant is responsible for weekend duties in the home, every other weekend. including enforcing general house rules. 

The Resident Assistant has an important role in encouraging a positive, nurturing, and welcoming home culture.
Job Requirements:
• Must be female
• Must be 25 years and older
• Must pass a background check
• Must become CPR/First Aide Certified
• Must complete other training as deemed necessary
• High School Diploma or GED
• Must speak English
• Must have valid driver license/insurance
Job duties include, but not limited to overseeing young moms by:
• Making sure the babies are being properly cared for
Pay: $225 per weekend for 15 hours and $15/hr for any emergencies
Schedule:​15 hour flat rate shift. 5pm-10pm Friday(sleeping 10pm-10am, unless needed during the night, then will be paid by the hour as needed) 10 am - 10 pm Saturday with a 2 hour break. Sleeping 10 pm-8am, unless needed during night, then will be paid by hour as needed)
How to Apply
Interested applicants should apply online at